Ponis Stavros

PonisProfilePicI was born in Thessaloniki on September 1970 but I received my primary and secondary education in Athens. I graduated from the 4th Lyceum of Paleo Faliro with honours, since I had the best academic performance among the students of the class of 89. After successfully taking the tertiary education introduction exams, I enrolled the School of Mechanical Engineering of the National Technical University Athens (NTUA), from which I graduated in 1996 after submitting my diploma thesis which helped in the design of a functional module for enhancing the functionality of an expert system supporting enterprises in the selection of ERP software packages. This last year of studies, was critical to my professional development, since my work during my diploma thesis ignited my passion for research and made me switch my efforts towards pursuing an academic career path. In that direction, I made a life decision and initiated my journey in the exciting and beautiful territory of research, first by acquiring a PhD from National Technical University Athens, leading in the elaboration of a business reference model to support the production management and logistics processes of the Apparel Industry and then by conducting Post-doc research, further focusing on integrating knowledge management methodologies and process modeling techniques towards the development of a reference model to support knowledge logistics of supply chain networks and virtual enterprises. The research was funded by a Post-doc support program by the Greek Ministry of Education.

My professional career started in 1996, as an IT Manager - for over two years- on behalf of a leading apparel enterprise. After the necessary break, for fulfilling my army service obligation, I started working in several targeted research projects on behalf of NTUA/SIMOR as a Researcher. In December 2001 I was appointed with a position of Teaching and Research Associate in the Section of Industrial Management and Operational Research of National Technical University Athens. Later on, on November 2005, I was elected a Lecturer in the scientific area of Supply Chain Management and since then I am offering a series of courses such as Supply Chain Management, Operations Research, E-Commerce, Management of Production Information Systems, ERP Systems and Operations Research Laboratory. Since January 2013, I am an Assistant Professor, in the Scientific Area of Supply Chain Management with an emphasis on Technology Systems (SCM / E-Business systems).

My publications include book chapters, papers published in fully reviewed scientific journals, scientific papers presented in International Conferences (double blind review system), Lecture Notes and Presentation for the support of the educational process in NTUA. My research interests are traditionally resided in the areas of Production Planning and Control, Operations Research, Supply Chain Management, Business Process Modelling, Networked and Virtual Enterprises, and the Information Systems that support all the above.

In my academic capacity, for the last almost ten years, I have chaired two conferences, sat on the Editorial Board of five scientific journals and served as a member of the Scientific Committee of numerous International Conferences. I am a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Operational Research Society and the International Association of Knowledge Management.

I have been appointed from the European Union an Expert Reviewer in two different research units, these being INFSO.E2: Technologies for Information Management and D5-ICT for Enterprise Networking. Up to now, and for the last five years, I have monitored, evaluated and finally approved the works of two large European Projects. I am also an expert reviewer for the General Secretariat of Research and Development, the Greek Information Society S.A, the Institution to Promote Research of Cyprus and the Czech Science Foundation.

I am speaking Greek (native), English (fluently), German and French (Intermediate).

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